Police Pursuit 3d

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Instructions: keyboard control only

Police Pursuit 3d:

Restore order in the city as a brave police officer and take out the bad guys in a daring car chase through a frenzied urban environment. To begin your thrilling hunt in the fast-paced racing game Police Pursuit 3D you have to select your game mode, vehicle, and course. Try to smash your targets before the time runs out.

The problem of many police departments in many states is, that their cars are too expensive, and on the other hand, their budgets are too low. That’s why police chase usually look so they look. Anyway, you can throw these all away from your head in the game Police Pursuit. Here is the time for the heavy attack. In this case, high speed and a heavy hit is the right solution against each naughty driver. The goal is to destroy as many cars as you can.

Much fun!