Earn To Die 3

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Earn To Die 3:

About Earn To Die 3

If you have already played the previous versions of the game, you might know that the main character of the game is a guy who has to escape from a city full of zombies and reach the safe spot. The plot of Earn To Die 3 is nearly the same – a survivor receives a message that all survivors should head to secret base. Time is limited to you have to get a car…any car. As soon as you start playing the game you will get an old vehicle that can’t drive for long distance. Your mission is to earn some money by killing zombies and upgrade the car.

There are several cars in the game but only one is unlocked at the beginning. You will unlock others as soon as you fully upgrade your present car. Let me give an advice on how to succeed in the game. When I play Earn To Die 3, the first part of the car that I usually upgrade is the fuel tank. The bigger fuel tank – the longer distance you will drive and as a result – the more money will be given for smashing zombies. Another important thing that you should upgrade is a new engine and transmission. Hope that you will enjoy the game on our website.