Bob The Robber 2

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Bob The Robber 2:

Enjoy this sequel of Frank The Robber 2! This time, Bob the Robber will probably in France to try to make a fortune. Their stealth and stealing capabilities are once again examined but with a bigger challenge. Steer clear of the security cameras and the guards or you can get imprisoned. You may also hide in the shadow and knock out the guard from behind.

Pick the lock to open the locked entrance and don’t forget to check all the things to find some money. Take the target item and go to the exit door to accomplish the mission. Use the money to buy new devices and costumes to help you on your mission. Each and every mission has an alternative obstacle, try to observe your surroundings carefully first before making your move. May you help Bob to successfully beat France’s challenge? Good luck!


  • Left and right arrow to move
  • Up arrow to do action

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